Civil and industrial construction

Flooring, furniture, and architectural elements

Ganzinelli Marmi’s technical skills and knowledge have been evolving over the years. We are a reliable and qualified partner when it comes to civil and industrial construction. We are able to help with the project side of the job, advising the customers on which materials would be the most suitable for them. This not only ensures great quality results, but it also makes the total expenses more convenient for the customers.

Our extensive experience and next generation machinery, makes us able to create outdoors and indoors flooring and furniture, following the customers’ design and project guidelines. The weight of our flooring and covering has been reduced by 1/3, thanks to the innovations we brought to the manufacturing procedures. This makes it not only much easier to work with, but it can also guarantee more competitive installation prices.

The regular upgrade of our technology allows us to provide any customised architectural element, which is crucial when you are dealing with renovation and restoration. Among the architectural elements, we are able to supply balconies and their covering, balustrades, stairs, socles, doorsteps, windowsills, etc. The latest technologies also make it possible to create furniture for outdoors and indoors, and it has set new standards in the world of fireplaces and stoves, and their covering.

Thanks to the number of expert partners we have been cooperating with over the years, we are able to offer the service of installation on request.

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Internal and external stairs

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Another Work

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Cladding of a fireplace in Vico stone

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Luserna stone exterior wall coverings

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